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Our Philosophy

We started Photo Memories Lab with the goal to help people cherish memorable moments throughout our digital products. A family trip, an anniversary, the arrival of a new born, your kids milestones are all occasions which deserve to be engraved in our memories forever and our digital products aim to do so.

Our philosophy is based on an outstanding customer’s service strategy, which is our main concern. Each of any product is produced with one goal in mind: give the clients exactly what he is looking for. We treat every product as a process that we follow diligently with great attention to every step and taking in mind client’s requirements. 

One of our main strengths is personalization, we are able to customized each product and service we offer based on clients’ needs and budget. That’s why we developed a catalogue of products which allow to cover basically everybody’s requests. 

Our corporate philosophy is also based on a strong social responsibility vision, which believe has a great importance in the current situation we are experiencing. Part of our revenues has been destinated to the tourism sectors, one of the most hit by the COVID-19 outbreak. Also, to support business who are struggling to survive in these difficult times we offer tools to support them at very affordable prices throughout our sister company PML Business which offer business solutions to small and mid-sized business.  

Our Philosophy
About Our Collections

About Our Collections

Our premium designs are more elaborate and go according to the occasion, although you can use them as you wish. We have different types of designs for every occasion.

For our standard photobooks, we propose a more basic type of design with full color backgrounds and some basic decorative elements, according to the theme of your album. However, you can still personalize your photobook by choosing the colors for your backgrounds and decorative elements.
As for colors, you can choose your color palette here: or just send us your favorite one.
If you prefer, you can let us know how many decorative elements you would like to add to your photobook, based on the scheme below:

Standard Photobooks Organization

If you do not find a design that you like and would like to talk with one of our designers and develop a personalized design according to your preferences, just let us know and we will help you!

Our Process

1. PHOTOS: You send us your photos trough or using a share folder on your phone. Please consider the indications below when sending your photos:

  • Order of photos: If you want your photos on a specific order, please upload them named with correlative numbers in the correct order. If you want them random, you can upload them the way you have them and we will take care of the order. If you do not have time to select the photos, and many of them are repeated or blurry, do not worry, we have also a photo organization and curation service.
  • Texts: If you want some of the photos to have a specific name on the album or add a text, please name the photo accordingly or send me an email with the texts and number of the photo it belongs to.

2. LAYOUT: Once we have all of your photos, we will work on the layout, so you can see the number of photos per page and the exact order. This way, so you can review it and make changes if necessary before we start the production.
3. DESIGN: Once we have your approval on the layout, we will work on the design of your album. Please notice that once you approve the layout, you cannot make changes on the order of the photos. We will send you the sample of your album with the design, so you can see it and approve it before we send it to print.
4. DELIVERY: We will let you know the date of the album delivery, which usually takes up to 8 days after the printing phase in Peru.
5. DIGITAL ONLY – MUSIC: If you selected the digital option for your album, please let us know a song of your preference to be included during the slide show of the digital album. The song will be used from the very beginning and end when the video finishes. If you prefer the song to start at a specific moment please let us know.
6. DIGITAL ONLY – VIMEO: Once your digital album is finished, we will upload it to vimeo and send you the link. You will be able to download it and share the link with friends and family.

Our Philosophy
How to send your photos

How to send your photos

The easiest way to send your photos is trough which you can use for free. You just upload the photos you want to include in the photo book and send them to our email Please also include a message with your name. The system will request a confirmation code, which will be sent to your email addres and will finally send the photos to us. Please make sure you let us know when you send them and we will confirm receipt.

Another option is to use the share folder app, this makes things very easy if you have photos on your cell phone.

While we communicate trough WhatsApp with some clients, it is not recommended to send your photos over a chat. Whatsapp app reduces the quality of the photos, and this can compromise the final product.


How long does it take to make my photobook?

There are 3 steps that have their own time frame, once you purchase your photobook.

Layout: 2 days approximately. This time will vary if you do not send your photos in the order you want and in case you take more time than usual reviewing the layout, making changes to the order or adding texts.
Design: 2 days approximately.
Printing: In Peru, once the design is ready and approved, we need about 8 days before the delivery of the final product.

Do I get to see it before printing?

Yes, our service is totally customizable, so we walk you trough the process and send you samples each step of the way to make sure you get the perfect photobook.

Do you edit photos?

Photo edition service is not included in the base price, but we can definitely edit your photos for an extra price. Just let us know and we will quote it for you.

Can I add extra pages?

Yes, you can add extra pages to your photo book for an additional fee according to the size of the photo book and the type of paper. Take in account that our base price includes a 20-page photo book professionally designed. Please notice that we add pages per spread, so price is for every 2 pages.

How many photos can I include in my photo book?

It depends on the size of your photo book and the layout. Below you can find a summary of how many photos you can fit in each photo book size.

Photos per size:

  • Small: 8x9in (15x20cm) / 8x8in (20x20cm) = 40 photos
  • Medium: 8x10in (20x25cm) / 10x10in (25x25cm) = 70 photos
  • Big: 11x14in (28x25cm) / 12x12in (30x30cm) = 100 photos