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Photo Organization & Curation

We know that organizing your photos can be a tricky and long process and sometimes you do not have the time and the patient to do it and go through each photo to categorize it. That is why we will do it for you!

Our top product is the 500-photo package, ideal for people who want to get their digital photo library organized. Price for this service is US$ 50.00.

Our lifetime is full of memorable moments, milestones and important and unforgettable events: a special birthday, the trip of your lifetime, your wedding, the arrival of a newborn, an anniversary, a special celebration and our PC, laptop, cell phones, tablets are often full of unorganized photos which sometimes we delate by mistake. We will organize your database per year or occasion depending on your priorities. After a conversation with you we sill set specific goals based on your needs and we will start working on your photo organization project.

It is also common to have duplicate photos, that is why we will also work on de-duplicate your photo archive selecting the best ones and consolidate them. We will also create a system to help you keep your photo archive organized in the future.

We know that the process of organizing your photo archive can be overwhelming, that is why we will do it for you. Remember that having your photos organized is extremely valuable for you, your family, your friends and the future generations.

Photos Organization and Curation